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Art Photographer

Hey there.  My name is Whitney.  I'm a full time professional photographer specializing in capturing moments and brands.  Finding the perfect light and creating the most jaw dropping, scroll stopping images is what I was made for.  I thrive in new scenarios, capturing and composing frames in my mind at every turn.  Travel is where I shine most- exploring every inch of a new spot to find the. perfect. image. 

I am married to the most wonderful man, Alex Hamilton, and have two perfect little girls, Birdi Mae and Bonnie Rose.  This little life of mine is pure magic, and I am just in awe at how lucky I am.

Photographing weddings is my favorite thing to do on the weekends.  The moment the camera shutter clicks and freezes the most precious moment in time brings a huge smile to my face.  I feel so thankful and blessed to walk along side of you on such an incredible day.  I look forward to getting to know the two of you.  Let's chat. 


What I Love

The giggles and smiles from these girls, the beautiful

chaos of life.  This perfect husband.  This little life.


Contact / Phone: 513.280.3350

Cincinnati, OH  - Worldwide

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